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Our partnership group includes: Our Chinese platform partner; Leyi Media Group, Our international  technology development partner; Cugate LTD., and us MediaRhino LLC (musictochina.com) provides an international expressway for North/South/Central American artists, International artists, media companies, and content holders into the Chinese, Taiwanese, Asian, and International market. 

The Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Group digital media platform (Leyi Media Group China/US)  distributes, markets and produces music, video, film, TV programs and concerts for the Chinese and world markets.  They are the pioneers in streaming live concerts in and out of China.

Leyi Media Group and MediaRhino LLC, were the first China/USA partnership companies in China, to successfully stream four live concert(s), with no audio delay, in and out of China reliably at high quality using stable bandwidth.  Our ability to do this increased market reach and revenue potential for international performing artists and creative companies entering the China market. Our model is being used by other major media companies to stream solely domestically in the China market.

Our Streaming Platform, will license, and  fairly be using our tech partners innovative content management and transaction tracking technologies to protect copyrights and pay all royalties fairly. We act as an East–West Cultural Bridge that promotes Asian market artists internationally, and can directly markets international artists in China’s massive mobile social networks...As well as internationally...We are the future.